Bathroom update 01

Dear Readers,

This week we started doing up our bathroom. This has proven to be a bit of a pain as it is our only bathroom! We started with the ceilings. The previous owner did not use proper bathroom paints and so even though we mostly keep the window open there was beginning to he mildew marks on the ceiling. This is also an issue because the ceiling is really low compared to some houses.

The previous owner also did not check the watts requirement for the sort of lights they installed so the paint bubbled on the mdf around the downlighters. So that needed extra sanding.

The ceiling had strips of MDF interspaced with plastic mirror strips but we decided to paint over those as well. So I sanded them too inorder to give a grip surface for the paint.

Ceiling before, with the mildew stains and the mirror strips
Ceiling after sanding

It took me the better part of the day to sand the ceiling and the architraves around the door. I had to keep taking breaks as the blood would run out of my hands from sanding above my head. I did have a sanding block though so that made it a little easier.

Ceiling after one coat
2 coats
Final 3 coats

The painting took quite a while as the special bathroom paint required 6 hours between coats! That meant that it took us 3 days before the bathroom was fully functional again. The final coat also had to be left for 24 hours before fully dry!!

But we are much happier with the ceiling now and hopefully it will be more mildew resistant. In terms of the bathroom we still need to finish painting the door and the architraves but we were having visitors this weekend and we didn’t think having the only bathroom doorless was very hospitable 😂

On Friday My hands were soooo sore from sanding that I couldn’t knit 😢 but my hands are feeling better today (Sunday)

Jack has been an adorable little nonsense as usual
Playing with his mouse toy

Hope that you all have been keeping well!

Peace and love Ellie Xoxo

The Week of the Invalid

Hello Dear Readers,

Last week Sunday was the day that T got very ill as you may recall from my last post. So Not much happened.

I have decided to include a photo of my mom’s finished socks here because although I finished them last week I do not think that I included a picture in my last blog post.


Sunday was also the day that T started really encouraging me to start a knitting podcast of my own and I started to consider it. I also packed all my yarn into the boxes which I bought for them. Apparently there is a moth problem in the UK at the moment… although I have yet to see one!


On Monday T stayed home sick from work. This sort of put a spanner in my works as this is usually the day that I do all my housework, but now I was too scared that I was going to make a noise and wake him up. When T is sick he just sleeps all day. I also moved my laptop and knitting to the lounge because if I had the light on in the craftroom it would illuminate the bedroom too. I have made a very rough floor plan of our house for you. It is rough because it is most certainly not to scale! But you get the idea that my craftroom opens into the bedroom and there is no door.untitled

On Monday night I ordered some more wool from I am always super excited when I know that I am going to have some wool delivered.

Tuesday T was STILL home sick. But he was a little better this day and I had asked him and he said I could be back in my craftroom and he would let me know if I was disturbing him. Unfortunately housework still did not get done this day! I carried on knitting my friend Ethan’s socks.

I also sorted out more of my craft room and put some things in place like my little toys and ornaments.

Fairy tin, cats, faires, My Little Poneys

Hello Kitties and misc

Kitties and Dragon Ball Z things.

This yarn doesn’t fit in the boxes but it is all 100% acrylic so I am hoping that the moths will not be interested in it. These are all for my Random Stripes Crochet Blanket which I started back in 2015

Wednesday T was STILL sick and I was seriously worried about him. He is never usually this sick for so long. If I had known where the local doctor’s office is I would have dragged him there. But thankfully he was perking up and his fever had broken.

At this point I really started planning for the knitting podcast. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to give it a go.

I was also making good progress on Ethan’s socks. Unfortunately I can’t show them here because I know that he reads this blog! Hi Ethan 😀

I also made an 8 sided hexagon! “what….?” You ask. Bare with me here. So if you know me in real life you know that I am terrible at math or anything math related. I had some long (30cm) single pointed needles that don’t fit in my Cadbury’s chocolate crochet hook case and they were just rolling around my desk and annoying me. Because they are so long they can’t be held in a cup or jar because they just topple it over. Since we have so much cardboard lying around spare I decided to make a container for the needles. I decided against a cylinder because the cardboard is quite thick and it would crumple into weird angles if I tried to roll it. So I decided to make a hexagonal shape.
I started off tracing a circle and then I was trying to figure out the length of the sides. So I drew two axis (what ever the plural of that is) and decided that was the middle of one of the sides. So I decided that I needed to find out the circumference of the circle and divide it by 6. At this point I checked with T to confirm that the formula for the circumference was indeed  2PiR … at this point T laughed and told me that I was going about it all wrong. He pointed out that a hexagon is made of 6 equilateral triangles so if I know the radius I know the length.  I was suspicious but I went with this information anyway. Bare in mind that I only had a ruler, no other geometrical instruments. I merrily ruled out my lines. Then I decided to measure them before I cut out the strips….. they were pretty much all different sizes. This didn’t deter me I just went a head and labeled them A – H (smell a rat? I didn’t!) then I cut out my sides A-H. Stuck them all together. And showed the invalid, who just laughed at me because they were all different sizes.img_20170301_104727

It was only when I was about to cover it with pretty wrapping paper that I realised… hang on a minute… this has 8 sides!! But it fulfills it’s function and it looks pretty so I don’t care. The scary thing is that I am still not entirely sure how I did that.


I was super productive and I also did some “knitting art”. That is I made a watercolour pattern based on knitting stitches. It will be available on my Redbubble sometime in the future.


Thursday, T was finally better and he went off to work. I got ready to film my first podcast, that is I wrote up an outline of what I wanted to talk about. I did my hair nicely and put make-up on. And while this was happening my yarn got delivered! Yay.


Then I filmed the podcast which must have taken around an hour. The podcast landed up being 48 minutes long.

And then I spent most of the day editing the podcast. I made a cute intro and also an endslate thing (I don’t know, these are just things youtubers suggest that you make.) And I added captions for the sections and took out some of the bloopers. So this all took me quite a while. In the future my videos will not be as long because they wont have the 18min introduction to begin with, and they will also not take as long to edit because I don’t have to refilm the intro.

By the way… at this point the house STILL hadn’t been tidied.

On Friday I finished Ethan’s socks and finished knitting up some Cozy Memory blanket squares. The Cozy Memory Blanket is a project that a lot of sock knitter make. They make a square out of each of the left over sock yarn colours which they have and sew them all together, and then at the end you have a blanket with the memories of all the socks you have knit. I unfortunately can’t show you because one of them is made from Ethan’s sock yarn. I will show one next week.

I then wound up two cakes for Aunty C’s socks. They are made using the Rum Paradise colourway by West Yorkshire Spinners.  Below is my little winding station.


After that I realised that I had a bad headache and it was probably from sitting and knitting too much all week. I might have been a little sick too or under the weather or just a little down in spirits but I hadn’t really done much all week. So thankfully the energy bee stung me and I managed to take care of myself and the house finally!
I did some pilates, had a shower, tidied the lounge (see below), did some laundry, and cleaned the kitchen!


I meant to do some more stuff but kind of ran out of steam … since my headache had lifted I treated myself to starting Aunty C’s socks!


Saturday was such a fun day! We did quite a lot.

We were potentially going to go for a walk up Arthur’s Seat but the weather was pretty misty with showers on and off. Ordinarily this would not have put me off but since T had been sick and off work half the week I really didn’t want him to relapse so we decided to skip that.

So Miss E joined us and we went Fabric shopping. So I must admit that I may have tricked T a little bit. You see we have a metal headboard but it is not attached so everytime one of us rolls over in bed it clangs on the wall. Also there are some marks on the wall from the previous tenants… they were here when we got here. So we decided that I should make a cover to go over it. So I said to T that we needed to go to Edinburgh Fabrics to get some material for the cover.
Then while we were waiting for Miss E to get to our place I was looking up project bag dimensions (for my knitting projects) and trying to figure out how much material I would need to buy in order to make one. T complained that he thought that this trip was to make the cover not project bags, but when I said to myself “What’s half of 16? … oh yes 13. cool” T rolled his eyes and offered to help me get the measurements. He was so kind and helpful he read through a couple of tutorials and helped me calculate what I needed to make a bag the size that I wanted.
Then we went off to Edinburgh Fabrics. Miss E didn’t buy anything but she helped us look and was such a wonderfully excited shopping partner. We chose some plain linen which matched the colour of our curtains for the headboard cover. And I chose some polycotton for my bags. I bought one for the lining and one for the exterior but I am going to make two and reverse which is the lining which is why I have 2 zips. I also bought some iron-fusible interfacing for the bags.


Once we  were done at the shop we went to a coffee shop accross the road because Miss E loved the name. I had a pan au chocolate, and english breakfast tea. Yummy.


On the way home T and I saw this building which I think was or may still be a school. But I just loved the shapes and architecture. I ooohed and Aaahed for about 5 min. I think that my time working for an architect has given me extra appreciation for pretty buildings. But I also like to see the patterns because sometimes they inspire paintings from me. In this building I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the harsh angular lines with the soft rounded arches. I also liked the colours of the brick work patterns.


And finally on Saturday evening I unpicked the sleeves off the dress and just hemed them up again. img_0781img_20170304_164405

And Last but certainly not least I have compiled a little video of the pictures and video clips which my family have sent me this past week of all my kitties back home.

That is it from me for this week. I hope that you enjoyed this post 🙂
Lots of Love,

P.S. I CANNOT believe that it is only a month before I am back in South Africa!!!

Jeans Repair

Hi again,

So this port is going to be something slightly different since it doesn’t involve any from of yarn ;). My husband tore his jeans and at first I thought that there was no hope for them but on further inspection I realised that the jeans had not even torn, the stitching had simply come undone. So I am going to show you a quick step by step on how I fixed them and I am super impressed with the results.

The very sorry looking jeans.

First thing I did was to trim off all the frayed material. This helps to see what is going on and also helps the final thing look better finished. If had sewn it together without trimming then the threads may have stuck out or gotten in the way and looked ugly.


Then I set my iron to high and I ironed out the waist band. After going through the wash it had become wrinkled and would have been hard to work with.


Then I pinned it all together. I looked at the sides of the tear and saw what the size of the fold was originally and I tried to imitate that. So I folded the back bottom edge about half a centimeter  and then places the middle part against that. Then holding it tight I folded the front bottom edge the same amount and then places that against the middle and tried to make sure that there was no pleating or puckering happening and then I pinned it.


As you can see in the photo below, I used a lot of pins because the material did not crease well and would not have held its shape easily.


I didn’t think that I could easily get the jeans material through my machine, also the belt loops would have gotten in the way, so i decided to hand sew it. I folded the thread double to give it more strength and then I actually sewed it twice. The first time I just sewed using a straight stitch to hold it all together with out the pins, almost like a very neat tacking that I didn’t intend to take out.
Then I went over it again with a separately threaded backstitch. That way if one fails the other is still there. I also put so much effort into this area because it is near the pocket and zipper so I imagine the material will get a lot of stress put on the stitches.



Tadah! Here is the finished project. I totally saved this pair of jeans!

Sorry for the bad cellphone camera photos.

❤ Diella