Hyposensitive Vs Hypersensitive

Note these are reposts from my Instagram posts that I did for Autism Awareness Month. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions that you have.

P.s. Some one did mention to me that my issues with my bodily needs might be less hypo sensitivity and more problems with interoception, I am still looking into this.

Cape Town Holiday Number 2

Dear Readers,

Husband and I are going to be going back to Cape Town again, this time for my sister’s wedding celebration. We are leaving next weekend and only coming back in the first week of June!

I know that for some people this sort of thing is a period of great excitement. Flying overseas, seeing lots of people, being in a different place. But for me as an autistic person this is a period of great stress, anxiety and major change.

I will try to keep blogging and taking photos to share with you. And I have scheduled a few posts from my April Autism Awareness to share over the next few weeks but I am not sure how much new content I will manage until we are back.

I hope that you are all crafty and well.
Peace and Love,

Tea With Mother and Me Episode 3

Dear Readers,

The TWMAM episode for April turned out to be a long one so it took me more time to edit than I had anticipated. Therefore I only published it today! Better late than never I guess. As I said it is a long one so you might want a cup of tea/coffee or two to accompany you for this one.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Peace and Love
Ellie (and Morag)

Still alive

Dear readers,

I am still alive and love this blog and all my blogging friends 💜 I am just struggling with energy and motivation or “spoons” as the internet says these days.

I might repost my autism posts from Instagram here as a way of managing this. I did a series of autism posts for April as it was autism awareness month.

Stay crafty

XXX Ellie

Tea With Mother and Me: Episode 2

Dear Readers,

Here is the next installment of Tea with Mother and Me:

Incase you missed it, we have renamed my knitting podcast to “Tea with Mother and Me” to reflect that my mother and I are now doing it together.

Links to people and shops spoken about:
Odd Sock House: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OddSockH…
Natural Yarns: https://naturalyarns.co.za/ Natural Yarns Stock both Lily Rose and Miss La Motte

Hope that you have enjoyed our Podcast so far,
Peace and Love