Let’s Talk About Autism

Dear Readers,

There is something that I have realised I have never spoken about on my blog, meanwhile I have shared it on Instagram and Facebook. (That’s the problem with trying to have too many social media’s). In February of this year I was diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Victorian Fancy Mittens

Today I want to show you my Fancy Mittens kitted from a Victorian Pattern .

These are knit using a pattern from a publication called Ladies Home Journal and it was the October 1885 Version. The pattern is titled Fancy Mitten.

Yarn: Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Lace Weight
Colour: L152
Yardage: 169m / 100g
Fibre Content: 100% Real Shetland Wool
Needles: 1.75mm
Gauge: 38sts = 10cm 7rows = 1cm
Size: Only one size given in pattern, I cast on 70
Date Started: Approx March 2021
Date Completed: 29/07/2022

I knit these up as I translated the pattern so that I might sell it for those interested in making their own pair with instructions that make a little more sense. However I seem to have lost all enthusiasm for this particular project so I shall see if it ever materialises into anything.

Do you like knitting historical patterns?

Have a great week and Keep Crafty!
Peace and Love

Victorian Knitted Sampler Swatch 002

Dear Readers,

As you may remember, I have decided to knit a sampler book, inspired by Victorian knitted samplers, using a Victorian knitting manual. The book I have chosen is the: 1875; The Ladys knitting book first series. by Corbould Elvina M. For the purpose of this project I am only knitting up samples of the stitch patterns, not the garments as they would not fit into a sampler book!

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