Meditation Knitting : What to meditate on

Dear Readers,

To start off with I must apologise for the delay. As happens to all of us, life caught up with me and I never got around to finishing my series on Knitting Meditation. That was largely because it took me a long time to create the video I wanted to accompany it. But with out further delay, lets get into it. Continue reading “Meditation Knitting : What to meditate on”

Free Easy Crochet Star Applique

Dear Readers,

Today I want to share with you my free easy crochet star applique for embellishing your crochet goods, or anything you can sew onto really.

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I know that there are very many crochet star tutorials out there for free but I decided to make my own so that when I link to it for my paid-for patterns I know that it will still be there and I don’t have to worry that the original poster has taken the pattern down!

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Beginners Easy Knitted Rib Beanie

Beginners Knitted Ribbed Beanie

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This beanie is part of a beginner knitting set that I have designed. They are designed to be your first knitting projects after you start getting lessons or have done a tutorial or two from Youtube. Although I have included lots of descriptions and photos this is still intended to be used after you first learn the basic knit and purl stitches. When I first began to learn to knit I was often told to practice so I made many squares and rectangles which I ultimately threw away. Now 23 years later I am really sorry that I threw them away. So these patterns will help you turn your practice rectangles into something functional that you can look forward to wearing at the end! Continue reading “Beginners Easy Knitted Rib Beanie”