2023 Projects 007 Kathy Socks 002

Dear Readers

These are the second pair of socks I have knit for my aunty Kathy. I started knitting them in Cape Town while I was on holiday there and then I finished them back in Scotland. As she lives in South Africa I will have to wait until May to give them to her.

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2023 Projects 005 Grey and Blue Scrappy Socks

Dear Readers,

This next project was actually started in January but as it was made with lots of sock scraps I didn’t want to take it with me to South Africa and potentially lose something. So it got set aside and I have only recently picked it up and finished them off.

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2023 Projects 004 Knitted Skinny Scarf

Dear Readers,

In January I knitted my mother a scarf which I sort of made up the pattern for so I have just called it the skinny scarf. It was inspired by a whole lot of scarves I had been seeing on Instagram. A pattern for that scarf is avaliable called the Sophie Scarf, but I made up my own version. I had some yarn in stash which I had initially purchased for myself but then I came to realise that it was not really a colour that I would enjoy wearing all that much and my mom hinted that it was a colour that she would enjoy wearing… and thus it all happened.

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2023 Projects 003 Husband Socks 007

Dear Readers,

I have knit Husband so many pairs of socks that we can go two weeks inbetween sock washing days! It has begun to get to the point where husband has indicated that although he loves getting socks from me he doesn’t really need any more… long socks that is! He only has two pairs of short socks, well plus this pair makes three. As I have discussed in a previous blog post about wearing wool socks in summer, husband likes the look of short socks when he is wearing shorts.

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2023 Project 001 Julias Socks 003

Dear Readers,

Okay sorry for the slightly weird title! I was unsure as to what to call this series of posts. I wanted to add my project notes but although they will be mainly knitting there will be some others, I am starting with 2023 as the beginning of this year is not toooo far back, and these are the third pair of socks that I have knit for Julia.

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