WordPress 5 year Anniversary

Hello Dear readers,

According to WordPress today is my 5 year blogging annivesary!

I really do enjoy blogging but I also want to thank all of you, my readers and followers because you help to make the blogging experience the lovely thing that it is for me!

So here’s to many more years blogging! ❤

Keep Crafty!
Peace and Love

AWOL notice

Sooooo. I did it again. I hurt my hand. 🙈 This time I strained my thumb by spending an hour shredding confidential documents by hand because we don’t have a shredder and husband can’t go into office to use the work one.

Hopefully it will heal quickly with rest since shredding paper is not something I do a lot of.

I am just writing here to let you know I might be a little quiet until my hand feels better. Probably just about a week.

I hope that you are all keeping well. Love from Jack and I

Early Morning Electricity

Do you ever wake up early and just feel that tension in the air? Just before the sun rises I feel a tension but not a bad tension, maybe it could be described as suspense or anticipation.  It is usually in Spring or Autumn when it is still dark outside but not really night time. There is a chill in the air but it’s not really cold. The first of the birds are beginning to wake up and tweet their happy morning song. Continue reading “Early Morning Electricity”