Elemental Doll; Aqua

HiĀ  All,

Just a warning I am writing one or two posts to be scheduled as I am going on holiday soon but I didn’t want to let that be an excuse for not posting anything.

So today’s post is about my first ever cloth art doll I have made to sell and her name is Aqua. She is part of an elemental series I am doing. Ignis, Ventus and Terra will follow, I have already drawn up their designs.

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First Etsy Listings

Hello everyone! I am so excited and quite nervous too… because I have just taken the plunge and put up some Etsy Listings for prints of my art! You can find my shop here.

Botanical Illustration of a Eucalyptus leaf I found in South Africa
Pixie Punk
Pink Rose Bud

All of these are prints of my original watercolour illustrations.
They are giclee prints which means that they are printed with archival quality inks on archival quality paper. If you don’t know what means, basically they should last a long time. However I would still advise that you try to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Thanks for reading and thank you if you go and check them out.