What was expected of a Victorian Knitter / Crocheter

In today’s blog I want to talk about working with knitting and crochet patterns from the Victorian Era, namely what was expected of the reader/crafter.

binary comment
binary comment

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Research Paper for Victorian Crochet Cuffs

Dear Readers, 

Whenever I start a Victorian Translation project  I always like to do some research beforehand and I thought that I would share that process with you. It is the sort of thing that I find interesting when other people share. I consider this to be a research paper and have included links to my sources where ever possible so that you can use them too if you are reearching the same area of interest. Continue reading “Research Paper for Victorian Crochet Cuffs”

Victorian Crafting: What is an Antimacassar

Dear Readers,

I have recently been working on translating some Victorian knitting and Crochet patterns into instructions that my contemporary crafters might be able to follow. As I go about my research and collection of Victorian era women’s magazines I do sometimes come across words which are foreign to me. I thought that I would begin to share them here with you.

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Victorian Craft Series: Monograms and Cyphers

Welcome to the first installment of my Victorian Crafting Series working with Cassell’s Compendium of Victorian Crafts.

Morag and I decided to start off with the Monograms and Cyphers because we anticipated that it would be a relatively quick one and also because it would give us something to use as a cohesive image throughout the posts.

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Book Review : Cassell’s Compendium of Victorian Crafts

Dear Readers,

I have recently compiled a very long list of books that I want to take out of our local library. They are actually mostly contained at Edinburgh City Library but I am so fortunate as to be able to request the books online and then go and fetch them from my local library which I think is absolutely fantastic.

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