Family Break 01

Dear Readers,

Sorry for my unannounced break, I have been doing social things back to back for the last 2 months and I just totally forgot to make a little announcement.

My parent’s have moved into the downstairs part of our house and will be staying there until they find their own place. If you missed it, they just immigrated to the UK from South Africa. And this past week my Mother-In-Law came to visit us from South Africa too so we have had a VERY full house! 🙂

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Findhorn, Aberlour and Loch Indorb

Yesterday we went for quite a drive. We first went to Findhorn estuary and had a little walk. Then we went to Aberlour so I could go to a wool shop (I didn’t land up getting anything) and we had some coffee in the Town square. And then we went swimming in Loch Indorb! It was my first time swimming in a loch! But it was 27 degrees C so it was really lovely to go swimming.

Pebbles at Findhorn
Having coffee sitting in the shade on the grass
That splash behind me is husband in the water

I can’t really explain how magical it was to be out in the water surrounded by this beautiful landscape!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend

Peace and love, Ellie Xoxo

Visit to Nairn, Scotland

Today we went for a visit to Nairn. We went for the river side walk. We took a break for me to do some sketching. Then we walked to the local wool shop and I bought some more sock wool(as though I don’t have enough!) And then we walked back. Here are some pictures.

The wiggly branches of these trees reminded me of the milkwood trees back in South Africa

I hope that you have been keeping well and having a lovely crafty time

Peace and love