Cape Town Holiday Number 2

Dear Readers,

Husband and I are going to be going back to Cape Town again, this time for my sister’s wedding celebration. We are leaving next weekend and only coming back in the first week of June!

I know that for some people this sort of thing is a period of great excitement. Flying overseas, seeing lots of people, being in a different place. But for me as an autistic person this is a period of great stress, anxiety and major change.

I will try to keep blogging and taking photos to share with you. And I have scheduled a few posts from my April Autism Awareness to share over the next few weeks but I am not sure how much new content I will manage until we are back.

I hope that you are all crafty and well.
Peace and Love,

Family Break 01

Dear Readers,

Sorry for my unannounced break, I have been doing social things back to back for the last 2 months and I just totally forgot to make a little announcement.

My parent’s have moved into the downstairs part of our house and will be staying there until they find their own place. If you missed it, they just immigrated to the UK from South Africa. And this past week my Mother-In-Law came to visit us from South Africa too so we have had a VERY full house! 🙂

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