Hello and welcome to my blog. I guess if you don’t already know me in real life then you may want to know a little bit about me.

I have grown up in South Africa and lived there all my life. In 2017 I moved to the UK and now I live in Scotland.
I studied a B.A. majoring in English and Classical studies. For those of you who don’t know classical studies is ancient history like the Greeks and Romans.
I love animals and I have a cute cat called Jack as well as 2 girl cats who live in south Africa with my mom. They are called Salty and Pangaea.

I have always been creative and artistic but my obsession with yarn crafts only started about 8 years ago. Other than crochet and knitting I also do paintings, pencil drawings, sewing, card making and probably more!

Now onto a very important question. How the heck do you pronounce xYOOPx?

First of all, no it is not some crazy Russian word or something like that. What happened is that I initially wanted to call my business “Yoop” but as soon as I went to go and make some pages and websites with the name Yoop I discovered that the name was already taken. Here are some other Yoops on the internet.

  • There is a Yoop which is a community out reach program
  • There is a Yoop ice-cream shop
  • There are Yoop Architects
  • And lastly according to Collins dictionary Yoop can also be a noun meaning a sob.

So what did I do about this problem of conflicting domain names? I decided to add two Decorative “x”s on either side. Unfortunately this seems to have caused a bit of confusion as to the pronunciation. I usually just call it yoop, i.e. (you-p); or x-yoop-x, i.e. (ex you-p ex)

And lastly what does “yoop” mean? Ignoring the collins dictionary since oxford and merriam webster do not have definitions for it, (yes I did check those dictionaries first… i just never thought of checking collins). The definition of Yoop according to Ellie:

The noun Yoop is a portmanteau of yarn + loop. The reason that I made up this word, with the help of my fiancee (husband) and sister, is that I didn’t want a word that was automatically associated with crochet. I do lots of other art too as I have already mentioned. So although the base of the word has to do with crochet the automatic association is not there.

Well I hope that that clears a few things up for you.