Cozy Crochet Christmas Bunting

Dear Readers,

I know that it is still November and some people don’t like to think about Christmas before then (although a lot of people seem to be making an exception this year!) But I wanted to release this Christmas Bunting pattern now so that if you wanted to make it for this year’s Christmas you would have some time!

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Free Easy Crochet Star Applique

Dear Readers,

Today I want to share with you my free easy crochet star applique for embellishing your crochet goods, or anything you can sew onto really.

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I know that there are very many crochet star tutorials out there for free but I decided to make my own so that when I link to it for my paid-for patterns I know that it will still be there and I don’t have to worry that the original poster has taken the pattern down!

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