Aldi Yarn Review: So Crafty Hemp Yarn

Dear Readers,

Aldi is releasing some new yarns this coming Thursday, the 24th of September 2020, and I see that some of them are hemp yarns! I have some of their previous hemp yarn so I thought that I would do a quick swatch review for you before the release incase it is the same yarn that they are releasing but in different colours! they do have some dreamy colours in this new release! yarn

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Aldi – Hurly Burly Chunky Yarn Review

Dear Readers,

I have had it on my mind to start doing some Aldi yarn reviews. This idea came about because I have found their yarn to be a bit hit and miss at times. For example I bought an 80% Acrylic 20% wool blend and found it to be much rougher than I expected and kind of crunchy, this was probably amplified by the fact that it was advertised with a scarf pattern and I would certainly not have worn it next to my neck. However I have recently bought some 100% cotton from them which I found to be of superb quality and it was significantly cheaper than other brands I have bought in the past. Continue reading “Aldi – Hurly Burly Chunky Yarn Review”