Travel Announcement

Dear Readers,

I’m Super happy to tell you that Husband and I will be going to South Africa at the end of January.

I am really excited to be seeing family and friends. I’m excited to eat lots of yummy food and to be able to buy some lovely south African indy dyed yarn!

I am however quite anxious about the flight. It is a long flight from the UK to South Africa and I get really unhappy during turbulence. That being said Husband will be with me so that should make things a lot easier for me. He’s very supportive of my needs during flight travel.

Another exciting thing is that it will be summer in Cape Town at that time which will be a welcome break from this super cold winter we’ve been having. (The energy crisis is not helping the feel of this winter as we’ve only been heating two rooms of the house) That being said I actually left South Africa because I don’t like feeling hot so cue me complaining about being hot and sweaty a week into our trip😂

We will be there for about 3 weeks and husband will work remotely for one of those weeks. My parents will be looking after Salty and Jack for us in Scotland.

Peace and love, Ellie Xxx


4 thoughts on “Travel Announcement

  1. Thank you very much! Absolutely 😀 I plan to try and document it well. If I have access to a computer while there I will blog while I am there, otherwise I will blog when I get back 😀


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