2023 Projects 005 Grey and Blue Scrappy Socks

Dear Readers,

This next project was actually started in January but as it was made with lots of sock scraps I didn’t want to take it with me to South Africa and potentially lose something. So it got set aside and I have only recently picked it up and finished them off.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Leftover sock yarn scraps from my extensive stash
Yardage: approx 400m / 100g
Fibre Content: Mostly 75% Wool and 25% nylon
Yarn Source: Stash
Needles: 2.5mm 80cm circulars
Size: 64 stitches
Start: 18th January 2023
Finished: 07th March 2023

75rows for foot before starting the toe decreases.
Stripy colours were 10 rows
Solid colours were 5 rows.
Although I picked the colours randomly for the first sock I then made the second sock to match the first. Obviously when a ball was self striping I may have been at a different point in the ball and therefore it may look slightly different but I think that they give the over all illusion of matching.

I started these socks not knowing who they would be for but I did 64 stitches as that works for me, my mother, my husband and my mother-in-law. In the end we decided that they would be for my husband. The only difference in the socks for the 4 of us is the depth of the heel and the length of the foot. So I just needed to make up my mind before I finished the heel.

I hope that you are well. Stay Crafty!
Peace and Love


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