YOP 2020-2021 week 10/52

Dear Readers,

Woe is me. It seems that I have finally been forced to only use blocks now. I don’t know if there was a change when I had my computer catastrophe (more on that later) or if it is just a new thing they have effected now. I am currently in corrospondence with them about not being able to use my spell check with WordPress. So please do forgive any spelling errors.

Have the Supplies for 🧢
WIP πŸ’œ
Finished ⭐️
Frogged 🐸
Hybernating 😴
Added during the year πŸ¦„




πŸ’œ πŸ¦„Rose City Rollers for Husband. I am now on the foot of the second sock for this pair so I do hope to be finished with them by the end of next week. 


πŸ’œ My Little Pony: (This link leads to Ravelry) This is my Festive Cheer Cardigan designed by Pat Menchini. This one is 99.9% done! It just needs a button but I have checked my stash and I do not have a suitable button. But it has been washed and blocked, seamed up and all the ends are even woven in! I was a little nervous to start seaming it as I have not had a lot of practice at knitting garments flat but I read on Google that you should start with the shoulders and away I went! I can’t wait to wear it.

πŸ’œPurple Hand Spun Jumper : I have finally cast on this cardigan! I am using an old pattern from a booklett that I inherited from my Grandmother. It is just a very simple stockinette cardigan. I can’t wait to see how this handspun knits up!


πŸ¦„πŸ’œShetland Fleece:Β  I finished plying this up and washed the skein. I lost a while 6 grams to dirt haha that was a badly washed fleece on my part!


So that is it for my crafty things this week. We finally finished the big project I was working on. It was only just over 2 weeks of work but I am glad that I can get back to my usual crafty life! And also get back to my housework! Husband’s job is permenant and he is not used to doing the house work so he was not the one cleaning when I was working. So the house kind of got left too long and was in a sorry state by the time my job finished.

On the second last day of the job my laptop just switched off and refused to turn on! Thankfully Husband has both a personal laptop (as opposed to his work one) and a spare PC. So for the first day I worked on his laptop, my work was thankfully all backed up off site, then in the evening he did a clean install of windows on his spare computer and that is sort of mine now. We also managed to copy off everything off my laptop harddrive so I haven’t lost anything hooray! But I do need to spend some time reinstalling a bunch of programs and also doing a past due sort out of my files.

I hope that you have been having a wonderful crafty weekend!
Peace and Love

2 thoughts on “YOP 2020-2021 week 10/52

  1. Congratulations on your finished cardigan, I haven’t attempted seaming a whole item and just pick patterns that are knit in one piece, although Tailfeather had to be seamed under the arms and was ok. I too have found the lack of spell check annoying, but I have got used to blocks and they do have some new options which you can have a play around with once you are happy with the basics. The purple spin is knitting up lovely so far and that’s exciting to see how it goes.


  2. You little cardi is great. Can’t wait to see what button goes on it. Your purple yarn for the next cardigan is gorgeous. I am sure it will knit up splendidly. Sorry to hear about the dead laptop. We get so attached to our electronics. It is hard to switch to another one. Glad everything had been backed up and was retreivable.


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