Beginners Easy Crochet Glove Pattern

Yay another pattern release day! It has been a hot minute since I last released one. Sorry about that. But without further delay:

I present to you the Beginners Easy Crochet Glove Pattern.

Available on Ravelry and on my PayHip.

I designed this pattern as part of a series of beginner crochet patterns because when I first started I was told to make lots of squares for practice and I never knew what to do with those squares in the end. It seemed a bit pointless. So these gloves are made using rectangles which you can sew up and make something functional to help motivate you with your practice.

I have included detailed instructions (with diagrams) to help you make these custom to fit your hands! Or the hands that you are making them for. Because not all hands are the same it felt wrong to just give you a standard number.

Speaking of diagrams, this pattern includes written instructions, photos, diagrams and some videos to help even a very new beginner along with the pattern.

I designed this pattern using DK or 8ply yarn because a lot of the patterns I was finding online were aimed at an American audience and were using worsted or aran yarn which is not as widely available where I live in the UK. That being said, because I give instructions for customising the gloves you could use any yarn you like and just make sure that you are using the hook size that corresponds to the label of the yarn.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to drop them below.

Keep Crafty and have fun!
Peace and Love


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